Why Are Bully Sticks So Popular?

Posted by Derek on 4/18/2012

Bully sticks are the new rawhide. They are growing in popularity since people found them to be healthier, safer, and easier to find than rawhide.

Here are a few of the benefits of bully sticks:

  • The fibers of the bully stick act like a floss to clean dogs' teeth as they chew.

  • They are tough enough to satisfy and relieve stress in dogs as they chew.

  • They're high in protein

  • They're low in fat

  • They're packed full of vitamins and minerals

  • They aren't as much of a choking hazard as rawhide

  • They don't splinter!

Other names for bully sticks are:
  • Beef Sticks

  • Pizzle Sticks