Training Tactic, or Animal Cruelty?

Posted by Guest on 5/25/2012
Many people wonder how it can be humane to use prong collars (some call these "spike collars"), and if so, how can it be possible that they don't hurt? This has been a topic of debate since they first came out, but the truth is that they don't physically hurt the dog at all.

In fact, it's quite the opposite. For those who use "choker collars" or "chain collars" instead of prong/spike collars, you may actually be doing more harm. Chain collars that can slide infinitely far can not only choke harder, they can actually cause damage to the vertebrae in the dog's neck. Prong collars do not choke, but instead only create a firm pinching sensation on the skin around the neck. This firm pinching sensation is nothing new to your dog. This is the same sensation they experienced as a puppy when their mother corrected and disciplined them.

Perhaps you've been taught as a child that you should never "judge a book by its cover." This is one of those cases in which you should apply that lesson, as although the collar appears to be some sort of medieval torture device, it's actually the least harmful and most humane method for correcting your dog's behavior. However, if you're still not comfortable with the idea, you can always use training treats from!