Are Treats From China Killing America's Pets?

Posted by Derek on 5/9/2012

So we're all hearing about how treats made in China are poisoning and causing fatal liver failure in dogs here in America. It's not all that surprising though, is it? I mean, we've seen babies get sick and die from foods made in China. We've seen plenty of faulty products come into this country from China at the expense of higher American unemployment rates, but that's another story.

What is getting into these products that is sickening and killing our dogs? Well, the FDA claims nothing unusual has been found yet, and there are plenty of professional researchers out there saying that it's merely a coincidence. Some researches believe that the pet owners are feeding more than the recommended amount of treats to their dogs.

The more I read, the more unsure I become of which side of the debate is right. Now, I'm not the type to side big business, but I am the type of person who doesn't side with anyone without doing enough research of my own to make an educated decision.

Are these treats that are being accused of killing dogs really to blame for the deaths, or is it possible that these treats are being improperly fed? The manufacturers claim that these treats are 100% chicken meat, and nothing out of the ordinary is present in them. If this is the case, could feeding large dehydraded strips of chicken to a small dog perhaps be too much for it to process? Could feeding pure raw dehydrated chicken to an older dog whose liver may be of below average health be just enough to tip it over the edge? I'm not a veterinarian, so I can't say that I know.

To me, it seems that raw chicken could be nothing but beneficial to a dog's diet. To me, raw chicken sounds like the perfect food for a dog to eat 100 % of the time. But to me, it seems that dogs of different breeds, sizes and age shouldn't be dying from eating treats made of dehydrated raw chicken.

What do you think is the cause? Do you think the manufacturers and the FDA are being 100% honest? Do you think the FDA's reasearchers are covering all bases? Could pet owners be the cause of this sudden tragedy? Comment below.

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